At Zoobee Doobee, we encourage children to explore, experiment and grow. Zoobee Doobee is a well-designed indoor kids play area in Mumbai that offers a plethora of activities that may occupy a child’s mind for hours. Children are encouraged to move, think, problem-solve, and engage with others. Aside from coordination and physical development, youngsters may improve their imagination, creativity, and confidence.

Taking your children to an indoor play area is an excellent way to provide them with 60 minutes of active time.

Celebration and fun activities

Birthday Celebration

Allow your child to have the birthday party of their dreams… the opportunity to run, play, jump, and explore with their friends!!! Zoobee Doobee is all about commemorating great occasions.

If you’re searching for a place to celebrate your child’s birthday, come to Zoobee Doobee- an indoor kids play area for the finest experience you can offer your child!! Our skilled staff will offer a worry-free, child-approved event that will undoubtedly be the most talked-about party of the school year, while you can sit back and relax and let us handle everything!

Play Laugh Celebrate

Playdates are a great way for your children to practice their social skills and gain confidence in their relational abilities.

It’s about giving your children the social experience they need to successfully navigate their peers.

Let them try to work through issues on their own before you step in to help. You may be surprised how often the kids are able to resolve their own problems.

Children can learn a lot from kids their own age. But there’s also plenty they can learn from older and younger children, as well.

To help encourage growth and the development of social skills, we try to offer a mixed age group get-togethers. An added bonus is that regular playdates can also give you a break!

Picnic at Zoobee Doobee

Zoobee Doobee spends the entire day in a most interesting and innovative way. The toddlers and kindergarten.

Zoobee Doobee is an indoor kids’ play area where your child can play and study at the same time. Our soft-play area features a variety of fun activities such as ball pools, wall toys, soft toys, trampoline, sand play area and many more, so they can be daring while still getting physical exercise.

More Fun Activities…..


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  • Art & Craft Classes
  • Game of cards( Wednesday afternoon)
  • Right Brain Education
  • Workshops
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